Open Concept Lab for Reference Application

We are just starting a project which is about integrating the Open Concept Lab service with OpenMRS Reference Application. It will last until the end of April. We’ll be using this agile board to track progress. Everyone is invited to pick up issues. @adamg, @gutkowski and @tmarzeion from Soldevelo will be helping us.

We will work on the Open Concept Lab module, and the Open Concept Lab service, which is written in Python (django) and is backed by Solr and MongoDB. Join regardless, if you know the tech stack or you are eager to learn new tools!


This is fantastic. A big thanks in advance to Soldevelo and everyone else who participates in this important work!

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How easy it is to configure the dev environment ? Is there any documentation available ?

@lluismf, this and next week we’ll focus on necessary improvements in the openconceptlab module. You can refer to usual instructions for developing OpenMRS modules for Reference Application.

Soon, we’ll add instructions for the OCL service, but first I need to dockerize it, setup CI, etc.

I’m interested in the OCL service (the stuff in Python right?)

Great. Yes, it’s in Phyton. I’ll send out a separate announcement once we start the work on the OCL service itself. It’s planned for April 14th.

Thanks all! Great to see this happening! And a big thanks to @raff for taking the lead.

I’ll be upgrading the OCL servers this week in time for the sprint beginning April 14. Also, will provide any materials/documentation needed.


@paynejd @raff I have installed a reference application 2.6.0 on platform 2.0.5. I then loaded the openconceptlab-1.2.0.omod. I know it says that it is only supported on 1.9.9, but I thought I would try anyway.

I can open up the administration page’s “Configuration Page”, but I get a page saying that “You are not subscribed to Open Concept Lab. Please go to the configuration page to setup the subscription.” and a button that says “+Setup Subscription”.

If I click on this button, nothing appear to happen.

What needs to be done to make this work? Tim