OMRS Office Hours will start at 12:30PM

(Cynthia Antwi) #1

Hey Everyone

I had hoped to start office hours at 12pm UTC but I am running late.

Will be online at 12:30 UTC on uber conference

(Jennifer Antilla) #2

Any updates? What was discussed?

(Cynthia Antwi) #3
  1. Review of GSoD Wiki Page and its updates
  2. Review of the GSoD Application google doc
  3. Application to service desk for openmrs emails for administrators

@irenyak1 @gcliff @tendomart please add on where I may have omitted

(Irene Nyakate) #4
  1. Review of co-admin’s registration.
  2. Creation of JIRA ticket to ITSM project by GSoD admins

(Daniel Kayiwa) #5

(Cynthia Antwi) #6

Thanks @dkayiwa

(peter ssali) #7

thank You @dkayiwa