Old Identification Number Validation still running even though its disabled

I added the Old Identification Number as part of the patient registration app (as described here Registration App Configuration - Documentation - OpenMRS Wiki > Collecting Additional Patient Identifiers in the Registration App)

When I hit save I see a Validation Error: Invalid identifier. I went to look at the patient identifiers (openmrs/admin/patients/patientIdentifierType.list) and there is no identifier validator enabled. Wondering what else I should look at so this identifier doesn’t go through any validation.

Ok I think I fixed this by changing the location to ‘Not Used’ of the old identifier. Now I’m having the problem of getting the Old Identification Number to show up on the patient chart.

The same document says to add the UUID to the emr.extraPatientIdentifier global property, but I did that and don’t see any changes. I would also like it to show up on the patient search page.

Are you looking for this? https://issues.openmrs.org/browse/RA-1890

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