Odoo Sync does not work with customized concept ids

Application Name: bahmni-standard docker Version Number: 0.93

Question: We have a dockerized bahmni standard setup with customized concept ids. We are able to create an encounter which in turn contains observations and orders. However, our orders do not sync up with the odoo db. The sync only happens when we delete all the observations associated with the encounter. Could this be a function of us using customized concept ids in our observations? **


How have you “customized” concept ids?

  • have you just modified the database and changed the “ID” (integer - primary key) or “UUID” of the concept?
  • have you imported through CSV or initializer module? Only concepts of type - “labTest, labSet, Radiology” etc are synced to Odoo. Alternatively, you must tag a concept “saleable” for it to be coming as a product/service on Odoo.

Hi @angshuonline,

I tried to make an encounter in openrms that contains drug orders as well as a few obs. But it is not synced with odoo. However, if I remove the obs then it is successfully syncing. I tried to debug the code and found that openerp-atomfeed-service is giving me an error saying “Bad response code of 500” on this line of code - https://github.com/Bahmni/openerp-atomfeed-service/blob/master/openerp-atomfeed-service/src/main/java/org/bahmni/feed/openerp/worker/OpenERPSaleOrderEventWorker.java#L54