ODOO - Order Sync issue - At least one model cache has been invalidated

Environment: Local setup Relevant versions:

bahmni-emr.noarch                     0.92-177                   @bahmni
bahmni-erp.noarch                     0.92-107                   @bahmni
bahmni-erp-connect.noarch             0.92-107                   @bahmni
bahmni-installer.noarch               0.92-120                   installed
bahmni-web.noarch                     0.92-177     

Occasionally Bahmni orders do not sync and the ODOO log shows

odoo odoo.modules.registry: At least one model cache has been invalidated, signaling through the database.

Has anyone experienced this?


I have seen that message, but that has not caused any problem as such! We have noticed that sometimes post installation (with bahmi-lab, bahmni-erp-connect services running) information don’t sync to Odoo (from OpenMRS) or to OpenMRS (from lab), while the front end applications seem to be working fine. If you would check the log files, you will probably see connection lost, or C3PO connection pool errors. Restarting the services seem to resolve the errors.

service bahmni-erp-connect restart

service bahmni-lab restart

Right, when it happened the first time we did restart the services. But it is happening again and randomly. It’s not always possible to restart the services when patients are waiting for the receipt.

I understand. Can you gather the log and share it. Also can you narrow down on the service? I am guessing thats mostly for bahmni-erp-connect. Note: there has been no change in bahmni-erp-connect since 0.91 - so we would need as much info as possible to debug

  • frequency of this happening - is there a pattern
  • env - system config (memory, cpu etc)
  • load on systems
  • database config of postgres - max connections allowed, concurrent connections, long running transactions, lock_timeout, postgres logs, etc

@mksrom @laxman @stephencoduor are you guys experiencing this?

We have not faced this issue for now.

@dipakthapa, @utsavdeshar, @deepakneupane let us check if the sync issue we are facing is releated to this .

Had experienced lab results not being sent back to the doctor, I think might be related