Odoo Config Questions

The setup we want is to address the following We have clinic and we want odoo/openmrs/bahmni to manage the supply chain. We will upload product list to the erp, setup companies in odoo and hopefully these setups cascade to Openmrs. End goal is so that a patient can go to a clinic, when they get meds we can log this on bahmni pharmacy module, issue meds, record the transaction and sell the order via odoo pos. For demo we want 2 types of companies- pharmacy with 3 locations and 7 independent pharmacies. they will all access the odoo product list and pricing. the odoo will manage the supply chain Is it possible to set this up so we can add inventory to each pharmacy to start, then moving forward the odoo erp setup will manage the supply chain, daily sales for each location while openmrs and bahmni management patient records and patient interactions. if possible, any suggestions on how we should do this. Weve already setup bahmni, odoo and openmrs on a digital ocean server.

Currently the data flows from Bahmni to ODOO/OpenERP but not in the reverse way.

Pharmacy products can be uploaded in Bahmni and then it will flow to ODOO. After the sync location specific stock management can be done in ODOO.

This can be done through ODOO Settings->Companies->Companies. In addition to other settings for multi-companies please also check this and this

How the Bahmni medication order should flow to Pharmacy? Is there one on one (Bhamni Location ->ODOO Pharmacy) mapping?

Location specific order type mapping can be done as mentioned here