October Cybersecurity Awareness Month + 10/25 Panel Discussion

Did you know that October is Cybersecurity Awareness month?

The Global Digital Health Forum is organizing a panel discussion on Using AI, Cybersecurity, and Privacy to Defend Healthcare:

While we work within the digital world, cybersecurity and privacy can be overwhelming to even the most knowledgeable of us. Join us on Monday as we have experts from DAI, CyberAlliance to Defend our HealthCare, and Dimagi take us through some of today’s pressing issues and guide us so that we can be better prepared and protect our organizations. Our speakers are prepared to make this tangible to all. You don’t want to miss this webinar!

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Date: Monday, October 25 @ 1000am EST / 300pm BST (60 minutes)

Topic: Using AI, CyberSecurity, and Privacy To Defend HealthCare

Description: Investing in people who defend our healthcare is a GDHF 2021 topic. AI, Cybersecurity, Privacy play an important in protecting, securing data, and protecting health privacy information. Recent cybersecurity and ransomware incidents targeting healthcare systems in the US, Ukraine, WHO, and other LMICs point to the immediate need to address this issue while addressing data ethics and privacy.

Moderator: Bobby Jefferson, VP, CTO, DAI Global Health


  • Miriam Stankovich, Senior Digital Policy Specialist, DAI
  • Mandeep Gosal, Director of Professional Services ITC Secure, CyberAlliance to Defend our HealthCare
  • Clayton Sims, Chief Technology Officer, Dimagi