OCL is hiring a Sr. Python/ReactJS Developer!

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The Open Concept Lab is searching for a senior software developer to join our team full-time to lead software development projects and to engage a community of open-source contributors.

  • Job title: Sr. Developer
  • Location: Remote/flexible, though even better if in Boston
  • Description of tasks: Engage community of open source contributors and lead Python/django/react development of the OCL terminology service and authoring interfaces, including development of a new ReactJS product called the OCL Metadata Browser
  • Start date/duration: Immediate
  • Qualifications: Python/Django/ReactJS required; Solr/MongoDB/REST APIs preferred

See full details here: http://bit.ly/ocl-jobs

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I am interested in this job/project to assist you. going to send you a PM, please check, thank you.


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