OCL for OpenMRS v 1.0 Released

Hello Everyone, we have recently released OCL for OpenMRS v1.0. Below is our release note. It is also updated in Wiki Release Notes - Projects - OpenMRS Wiki.

Release Notes

2021-03-17: OCL for OpenMRS v 1.0

Copy Dictionaries & Manage Organizations

As of March 16 our concept management webapp OCL for OpenMRS has been updated! You can try these new & improved features for yourself at openmrs.openconceptlab.org

New Feature: Manage your Organizations

Working on concepts with a team? You can now create, edit, and manage members of an organization directly within the webapp.

Simply go to the My Organizations button below your profile:

New Feature: Copy a Dictionary to re-use your hard work

Want to create a new dictionary, without starting from scratch? You can create a new copied dictionary with all the concepts and mappings included from the previous dictionary.

Other Improvements & Bug Fixes:

  • Improved concept name sorting in alphabetical order and grouping names by language
  • Fix for extra slash in subscription url that was causing subscription failures
  • Error messages no longer persist on editing pages

great work @suruchi

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Kudos to the OCL Squad for the great work !

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Thanks for sharing the notes here Suruchi! We may want to add: Where should people go on the wiki to see all the release notes or user guide?

Big kudos goes to @suruchi, @hadijah315, @jwnasambu, @irenyak1, @nkumar, @dkayiwa and @ibacher for all their hard work that made this release possible.

And very very warm thanks to @michaelbontyes & Laure, and @ball & @mogoodrich for your extremely helpful user feedback throughout the OCL for OpenMRS product process!


Thanks for the review Grace, I have updated wiki link in the post. Big thanks to everyone in the Squad and all the developers.

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Thanks team for all the works on this

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I am super pleased with the squad’s work on this… it is so important!