OCL for OpenMRS User Feedback discussion

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Thank you @darius Here is the link to the JIRA ticket.


@alexkayabula Thanks for this link.

However I provided lots of feedback from message 18 in this thread (OCL for OpenMRS User Feedback discussion), but I have no idea which of these have been addressed and/or ticketed.

Hello @darius, hope you find this helpful

Addressed/In progress/ Code Review


cc @dkayiwa

Hello Community

We are finalizing changes on the OCL module and it shall soon be available for testing, we will keep you posted

Hello community,

We are glad to announce that OCL V1 is ready for testing. We shall be running the testing phase from 6/17/2019 - 6/26/2019

Please follow this link to test the application.

Key pointers:

  • If you do not have credentials, use the old OCL to sign up, and then be sure to come back to the new OCL, again here.
  • If you are unable to login even after you had signed up, the database may have been reset and you would have to sign up again

A more detailed guide can be found on the wiki, here.

All feedback so far and progress/ resolution on it can be tracked on this wiki.

cc @dkayiwa @akanter @darius @c.antwi @ball @ruffjm @karuhanga @danuluma @paynejd

Awesome to hear!

Registering worked flawlessly for me.

It would be nice if notices (green bars like “Successfully signed in as …”) could be dismissed.

It would help to have tips (e.g., a question mark next to fields or labels) with brief explanations. For example, to help the new user understand difference between source & collection or the uses of various collection types. The tip box on the “Versions” tab is a great example.

Trying to enter a locale was harder than expected, since choices weren’t filtered (only highlighted) and highlighting can be out of the visible list of choices. For example, I came to the Default Locale field, started typing english, and the choice list showed the first dozen locales alphabetically, none of which were English [en].

Are fields supposed to be validated? I could type “asdfadsf” for a locale and move to the next field without any problem. I would expect the field to be highlighted as invalid when I leave it.

FYI – In the past we sent people to a page that had the app to be reviewed on the left and an etherpad (i.e., a notes.openmrs.org page) on the right (two iframes with a resizable vertical split pane). That it made it very easy for rapid collaborative feedback. :slight_smile:

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Hey @burke,

Thanks for this. I’m worried you might have run through the older OCL application though and not the one under testing, here.

Also this is great, we’ll definitely look into it.

Ah. This is an important item to note when asking people to test. The e-mail confirmation for registration contains a link in the form https://demo.openconceptlab.org/accounts/confirm-email/..., which took me (and will certainly take others) into the older OCL interface. Be sure people know not to test OCL after confirming their email (which is using the older OCL); rather, come back to your message and follow the link to the new version after they’ve confirmed their email.

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The new site looks much better. So, far, seems to be behaving mostly as expected. Some initial feedback (mostly little things):

  • Paging through list of concepts is cumbersome and made worse when the paging links change position on the screen while paging. Keyboard shortcut support would help.
  • Table sorting (by clicking column headers) appears to just sort each page of data being displayed. I’m not sure what it means to sort by “Action”. :slight_smile: Maybe it would be better to have sorting options separate from the table (i.e., a “sort by” selector)
  • Button styling feels weird. If I hover over a button, it stops looking like a button (e.g., action buttons)
  • I expected a “clear all” link for Datatypes and Classes (if I’ve checked 5-6 of them, don’t make me manually uncheck all of them to remove filters)

Overall, it seems to be behaving well. Nicely done!

Thanks @burke, we’ll be looking at each of these. The message has also been updated to address the earlier confusion and to include a wiki where you can track your feedback.

Assorted feedback, from my initial testing:


  • Create dictionary
    • gives two options for Preferred Source (CIEL, PIH) but I think the application only really supports CIEL, right? So, remove the PIH option.
    • there’s an option for “Start by copying another dictionary”, but it doesn’t work right. (I tried to copy a dictionary that has 13 concepts, and the resulting dictionary only has 10 concepts.) Please hide this feature for MVP release, and create a ticket about making it work right later.
  • Dictionary Overview
    • The “By class” breakdown isn’t working right. It shows “Diagnosis: 0” when I have a lot of diagnoses. Fix this if it’s quick (e.g. if it’s just a question of changing “diagnosis” to “Diagnosis” in a query) but if it’s going to take a lot of work, just remove this breakdown for the MVP release.
  • Concepts -> Create Custom
    • I try to create a concept with two names in English, the first one has type=Fully Specified, the second has type=Synonym. I get “An error occurred when creating a concept. Invalid name type” for the one that’s a synonym. (Possibly OpenMRS calls this “synonym” but OCL backend calls this nametype=null.)


  • Dictionary Overview -> General Details
    • shows “public access: view”. This should instead be “visibility: public”. (I.e. it should be formatted for display the same way that the create screen does it.)
    • should also show the languages. (Can combine default language and other languages to one line for display.)
  • Dictionary Overview -> Actions
    • disable the Release button if there are zero concepts in the dictionary
  • Concepts -> Add from CIEL
    • If I add a concept, it does automatically add Answers and Set Members. This is good. But the flash message should also tell the user that this happened. E.g. “Added ANTENATAL VISIT REASON, and 2 concepts that it depends on.” (maybe even give the names of the extra concepts added).
    • If the user manually removes a concept that was added for being a dependency, I think this will break the import. (E.g. I added ANTENATAL VISIT REASON but then I remove PLANNING PREGNANCY.) We should block the user from removing any concept that’s a dependency of others. (I suspect this is a bit tricky, so marking it post-MVP.)
  • Concepts -> Bulk Add
    • why does the textarea have a loading spinner the first time I open this page?
    • this page needs to block you from navigating away while it’s doing the bulk add (otherwise in-progress work gets lost). Even better is to have some sort of progress report about what’s going on.
    • I added “1, 2, 3, 4, 5”. It told me that 5 and 3 were invalid (good), but then it told me “15 concepts added”, even though it actually only added 3 concepts. Same thing happened with concepts 6,7,8,9,10, there were also two invalid yet it said it was adding 15 concepts.
  • Concepts -> Create Custom
    • language dropdowns for Name and Description should only include supported languages.
    • should have better defaults for name type and preferred-in-language when you add a second name. (i.e. you’re only allowed one fully-specified, and one preferred-in-language, so if the first row has those, the second row should default to Synonym and No)
  • Concepts -> Edit
    • when editing, since OpenMRS UUID and OCL ID are not editable, make them take less space, and get rid of the help text.

Hello community, The testing phase is still ongoing, through to the 26th June. Please log on and test out the application.

Hello community,

We shall be running a final testing period for this round of development for the OCL client MVP this week(8th - 14th July 2019).

Please follow this link to test the application. Key pointers:

  • If you do not have credentials, use the old OCL to sign up, and then be sure to come back to the new OCL, again here.
  • If you are unable to login even after you had signed up, the database may have been reset and you would have to sign up again

A more detailed guide can be found on the wiki, here.

All feedback so far and progress/ resolution on it can be tracked on this wiki.

cc @dkayiwa @akanter @darius @c.antwi @ball @ruffjm @paynejd

I got a bit more time to test just now.

About creating/editing dictionaries

  • I created a dictionary. Then I click Edit.
    • and the owner dropdown looks like this: image
    • then I change visibility to Private, and the owner dropdown changes to this: image
      1. It should not show two options where there’s only real option
      1. It shouldn’t change the text for no apparent reason.
    • I do not think this is an MVP bug, though I’m concerned, especially given the next thing I did…
  • Then I did something random (closed that dictionary, clicked New Dictionary, then Cancel, then open the first dictionary again and click Edit) and now it looks like it lost a lot of values:
    • the owner dropdown looks like this: image
    • this is an MVP bug. It seems like state is being improperly shared across different instances of opening this form, and this makes me concerned about the underlying code.

About creating concepts:

  • I added “Reasons for Referral” to my dictionary. First it does a nice-looking thing where it shows that it’s going to add 39 dependent concepts, then the number goes up to 42. But then it just says “Finalizing” and it waits there for a long time.
    • That text is not helpful. I would change the initial text to say “Found X dependent concepts to add” and then “Adding and dependent concepts. This may take several minutes. DO NOT NAVIGATE AWAY FROM THE APPLICATION UNTIL THIS IS COMPLETE.”
    • I notice that I was able to navigate away from the Add screen and it seemed like things kept working, which is nice. (If this is not the case, then we need to prevent navigating away.)
    • I left the tab and when I came back to it the message was gone and I didn’t see any of the new concepts in my dictionary. I did a browser refresh and then I could see them. (This is MVP, that when the long-running task completes and you’re looking at the dictionary, it must refresh to show you the new state.)
  • At this point one of my concepts is being displayed with a French name, and everything else with English:
  • I try to create a concept with the same name as an existing concept that I already added from CIEL (“Night Blindness”) and the UI never gives me any indication that there was an error. (It showed a yellow message, then refreshed the concept list.). The result was that if I look on the back end my Source did have a concept created, but this was not added to my Collection.
    • I think this is an MVP to fix (i.e. don’t want to ever end up in the state where there is some concept in our Source, but not in the Collection.)
    • Or did we already discuss this and decide it was too hard to fix now?
    • The additional confusing thing for the user is that because of this I have used up an OCL ID, though I cannot see this in the new UI. So if I try to create my next concept with id 1 (since there’s nothing with that ID in the collection yet) I get a different error message that’s hard to interpret, and it disappears after ~5 seconds, which wouldn’t be long enough if I didn’t already know what’s going on. And then whatever I entered is lost. (“An error occurred when creating a concept. Concept with this Mnemonic and Parent id already exists. for all”)

Darius, there are issues with OCL showing the French as the preferred name in the UI. I don’t know why we do the same if we are viewing our data. If we are only viewing what is shown in OCL, then the same issue is there too.

I found some cosmetic issues:

  1. Dictionary description doesn’t wrap:

And the first time I open the dictionary I see Source0, Class0:


Hey @darius, @akanter ,

Localization is an open issue(enhancement) here(https://github.com/OpenConceptLab/ocl_issues/issues/15). Currently, the display name is the first name in the list of names.

Since we can’t cross validate across collections and sources, the way I see it, we have two options here;

  • Check the collection for if a concept with such a name exists(we can’t do this right now, because a concept can have multiple names and by design, we can’t do something like query all names in a collection)
  • Attempt to delete the concept if we fail to add it to the collection(this would need for the purge option on delete to actually work and as per this https://github.com/OpenConceptLab/ocl_issues/issues/10 it seems like it does not? I’ll need to confirm with @paynejd )

Yes, the ticket was MVP+(https://issues.openmrs.org/browse/OCLOMRS-570)

The rest of the items that have been pointed out are being worked on.

cc. @dkayiwa @c.antwi

@karuhanga any update with progress on the above?

Hello @c.antwi,

Kindly refer to this wiki for the resolution on each of these.

And These Test Cases?

Has anyone managed to test from the collection down to an OpenMRS implementation via Subscription module?