OCL development environment setup

Before we can start working on the OCL service, we need to be able to set it up locally. The instructions are at https://github.com/OpenConceptLab/oclapi/blob/master/README.md, however we were not able to reproduce them. We’re stuck on the server starting up without any visible errors, yet nothing being accessible via the browser or curl at http://localhost:8000. We can access solr and mongo. Syncdb is executed correctly as well.

We’re using docker-compose to make things easier and came up with the following steps so far: https://github.com/tmarzeion/oclapi/tree/Docker#docker-environment-setup

The docker-compose config is at https://github.com/tmarzeion/oclapi/blob/Docker/django-nonrel/ocl/docker-compose.yml Dockerfile is at https://github.com/tmarzeion/oclapi/blob/Docker/django-nonrel/ocl/Dockerfile (you can see all our changes at https://github.com/OpenConceptLab/oclapi/pull/158/files)

To reproduce the issue please clone tmarzeion’s repo, checkout the Docker branch and follow the Docker Environment Setup instructions.

What are we missing? Any help would be appreciated.

@paynejd, could you please reach out to anyone who worked on the project in the past for help?

@kkaczmarczyk, maybe you will be able to help us out?

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Hi Rafal, FYI that the servers all use nginx. Not sure if this is related to the issues you are experiencing.

It looks like you are making it to step 4 of the Django Project section here ( https://github.com/tmarzeion/oclapi/tree/Docker#docker-environment-setup), but the django project is failing to start up. Is that correct?

Can you take a look at the logs to see if you are receiving error messages during the startup (e.g. ./manage.py runserver)?

I want to make sure that I am clear in what help we are asking for.


The server seems to be starting up successfully when calling “manage.py runserver”. It says running at There are no errors printed out, yet we can’t access any resource. The server doesn’t respond to any request.

It seems like we have some missing configuration step. It should be easy to reproduce running docker-compose.

Is anything else running on port 8000?

Nothing else is running on 8000.

The issue is resolved now. Thanks to @kkaczmarczyk’s team for finding the fix. It was a simple as changing from “python manage.py runserver” to “python manage.py runserver”.