Observation Control display order

Hello everybody, We are working on an implementation of Bahmni with observation control. we would like to order the pivot table of the observation control to display the obsConcepts in the order that are configured in the configuration file and display it in the dashboard! as you see that forms.follow_up.woundSpecific.edges concept is in the middle of the config file but in the result its listed as the last. Can someone advise us on how to troubleshoot this? Or maybe we have a wrong configuration or we misunderstood the functionality? imgonline-com-ua-twotoone-t41LrFUbFNmH

It appears like forms.follow_up.woundSpecific.edges are not from the same form/section as the other items (clinical.woundSpecific…) listed in the pivot. Could it be possible that it displays items within one form/section and then moves to next causing that discrepancy

You say that just based on the naming of the concepts?

The concepts are indeed named based upon a certain naming convention where some relate to a specific form (forms.xxx) and others are more generic and not linked to a single form (clinical.xxx). Both concepts here are contained within the same form though.

They are not in the same section within that form, but I guess that the particular layout of the form, should not influence how concepts are being shown on the patient dashboard.

More generally, it seems that concepts are grouped based on their data types, first all numerical values are being shown, followed by all the coded ones, which is what we observe here: the first four are numerical, “edges” is coded.

Since you are grouping by encounters on the pivot. Can you check the db once to see if the values are all belonging to the same encounter-id and encounter date/time is also same? I am not sure if it uses encounter id or the date/time for grouping