Obs with complex image giving 415 error on Azure Server

I am trying to post an Obs with complex image on Azure Server. OpenMRS is returning 415 error for this, whereas same code is working perfectly fine on AWS instance.

Server OS: Ubuntu Linux 16.04 (Both case) Tomcat8.0 on both servers JDK1.8 on both servers Mysql 5.7 on both servers. Code/Error is here

Can you replace the multipart/form-data content type with application/json?

@dkayiwa I can try, but the same code is working perfectly on AWS so I guess the problem lies elsewhere .

Changed it to application/json still the same. It is working fine on AWS with multipart/form-data Any idea anyone?

Go ahead and share the log.

Obs-2-OpenMRS - Pastebin.com here is the log

From the error message, multipart/form-data not supported, it looks like the code did not change the content type to application/json.