O3: Patient Notes ESM

Hello all… I’m just reviewing the Patient Notes ESM and had a few questions abouit it:

  • Does the “Upload an image” functionality currently work? When click on it in my test environment (and in dev3) nothing happens… just wanted to query if this was a known issue before I dig deeper.

  • From looking at the code, I can’t see where the “problemListConceptUuid” and diagnosisOrderConceptUuid" configuration properties are used. Am I missing this, are this used at all somewhere? If not, for clarity, can we remove from the config (I’m happy to ticket)

  • On a related note, the “visitDiagnosesConceptUuid” (which points to a construct to store diagnoses) appears to be used in one place, within the “useVisitNotes” method, where is fetched all encounters with this obs (openmrs-esm-patient-chart/visit-notes.resource.ts at main · openmrs/openmrs-esm-patient-chart · GitHub) … I would assume that this is how is fetchs any existing visit notes, but, as far as I can tell, when creating visit notes it doesn’t use this construct, but rather uses the encounter_diagnosis core OpenMRS domain object.

  • Also, I see there you can configure “formConceptUuid”, which appears to set the form field on encounter (in this case the property should really by “formUuid”)… is this how you set up editing a Visit Note, by telling it the form to use? Is there an existing React Form set up for doing this?

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Thanks all!

Take care, Mark

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Thanks for this @mogoodrich This does not work, Ticket here; https://issues.openmrs.org/browse/O3-2012

Epic with all the fixes we want to make this quarter to the Notes app & review mode: [O3-1768] Forms & Notes UI v2 - OpenMRS Issues

Bearing in mind that to date no production implementation has used the O3 Visit Note because most are using their own forms instead. So this widget falls in the category of “something that needs to work really really well for this to be an out-of-the-box EMR but doesn’t quite just yet” and yes, probably has a bunch of historic cruft we need to clean.

@dennis can you comment?

Hi @mogoodrich, @grace. Here are a few comments in response to your questions:

  • Nope, the image upload function does not work. It’s just a scaffold that we never got around to fleshing out.
  • Regarding the problemListConcept and diagnosisOrderConceptUuid, these are cruft from early implementations of the diagnosis search functionality and should be removed.
  • About your third question, that’s correct (if I understood you correctly).
  • Regarding your last question, the form as currently built only allows you to create a visit note. It doesn’t support the ability to edit a visit note. If it did exist, it would probably leverage that formUuid property.

Hope that’s helpful!

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Thanks all!

Sorry, one follow on question… sounds like this visit note is definitely not ready for prime-time… if we don’t want to use it in our implementation, I assume we just remove the “esm-patient-notes-app” from our build? Are there any other ramifications of doing that?

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No. The intention with using the microfrontend concept was to be able to bundle functionality into logical “chunks” that implementations could opt-in or out of using. We’ve done a better job of keeping the patient chart to discrete units of functionality than some of the other apps.

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