O3: Demo Release done 2022-11-23 :)

It’s been almost 1 month since we released the RefApp 3.x image from dev3–> test3, and >2months since the last release of o3 (production demo). This means neither our QA environment nor our Demo environment (the top clicked link on our website!) were benefiting from the latest fixes or work.

Following the steps that @ibacher recently set up, “How to Release the O3 RefApp”, I have just released 3.0.0-alpha.16 to test3 and o3:

Importantly, this includes the fix to esm-patient-medications-app for this concerning orders bug.

@dennis & @vasharma05 & @jayasanka I’m hoping from now on we can get in a habit of something like monthly or bi-weekly releases like this.

But, will be much better if we can somehow explicitly list out what exactly was improved/changed.

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