Number of OpenMRS Patients and Sites

Hey everybody!

I’m struggling to calculate the total number of implementing sites as well as number of patients logged in OpenMRS for our 2016 Annual Report.

In 2015, it was reported that there were 1,149 implementing sites with over 5.1 million active patients - but I don’t have any idea where those numbers came from. I have an exported atlas which indicates 323 implementations, 524 distributions, and 2.1 million patients. As you can see, those numbers don’t quite make sense given the 2015 Annual Report.

Can anyone shed light on this and show me where the 2015 numbers came from, or a more accurate way of calculating these numbers for 2015?

I’m thankful for any help you can lend!

Hey Jeff - I thought I added you to last years spreadsheet. I’ll send it over to you. I put all of that information together by hand - emails out to people, phone calls, atlas export, etc.