Notification about change in scrum master

Since @shekhar is busy due to some other commitments, I and @jtatia have volunteered to be the new scrum masters. Each of us will be the scrum masters for alternate weeks until Shekhar is free. I was the scrum master for the whole of last week and Jai will be the scrum master for this week.


Great! Thanks guys for volunteering and all the work you’re doing, we truly appreciate.


Thanks @shekhar for having been the scrum master for one of the longest times! :slight_smile: @reubenv you have done very well for this week. I particularly like the way you have been starting the scrums with a warning for us to get ready. It is a reuby style! :smile: @jtatia i look forward to seeing you in action. Thanks again guys for volunteering in this noble cause! :pizza: