Not Found Error Bahmni EMR


I’m a newbie here trying to install bahmni for the first time in my Mac machine.

I followed all instructions here:

on how to install Bahmni of my Mac machine

During my installation, it suggested me to do vagrant box update, after several download attempts, it successfully updated to .89

but after I do “vagrant up”, I cannot access Bahmni EMR (screenshot below)

Is there something I am missing???

while doing the

yum list installed | grep bahmni

this is what I got. Am I missing something???

This is what is inside of my bahmni-vagrant folder

Anyone? :frowning:

Hi Jarvis, Can please check log here /opt/openmrs/log/openmrs.log? (in vagrant)

As I said, I’m a newbie :slight_smile: . where do I check that?

Can you give me instructions?

wait…after a lot of tinkering…all I did was ‘vagrant destroy’, then ‘vagrant up’, then I can access the Bahmni EMR now…Thanks @shruthipitta. But what about in the /opt/openmrs/log/openmrs.log?

Have you tried to start the service yet?

Start all services

sudo service mysqld start sudo service postgresql-9.2 start sudo service openmrs start sudo service httpd start sudo service bahmni-reports start sudo service bahmni-lab start sudo service openerp start sudo service bahmni-erp-connect start sudo service atomfeed-console start sudo service pacs-integration start

#You can also look at the status of each service with this command

sudo service --status-all