Not Able to access my OpenMRS account

I created an account on openMRS about a week ago, but my account has not yet been approved by JIRA administrators. I want to start contributing to projects but unable to create issues for a week. Please look into the matter

Normally creating account it automatic if you follow procedures, Which openmrs account do you mean when you can access jira and talk You can as well share the screen shot

i am not able to login in the issue section, whenever i fill up my credentials, it shows incorrect username passwprd but it is correct

Sorry for that, this is concerned with jira issues and the need to contact the helpdesk for comfirmation cc: @cintiadr @dkayiwa

@rishabh997 Sorry about it! we normally give access to jira/wiki manually after contacting the Help Desk to prevent spam. you should be able to access the jira/wiki now!

yes sir, i just recieved a mail granting access. Looking forward to contributing in the projects, Thanks