NoSuchColumnException: CONCEPT.FORM_TEXT

Hello Friends , Am encounting a test failure of ReferenceMetadataActivatorComponentTest.testEverything:while working towards updating metadata concepts in RefApp Metadata module following this release page This happens immediately after updating Reference_application_Order_Entry_And_Allergyies.20.xml, PR other xml files works perfect but only this class bring the failure

Following guidance from @dkayiwa @ibacher, Am now working towards solving this error logs. this came after removing “form-field” as datatype in reference_application_order_entry and allergyies.20.xml file there are some suggestions here which made some simple sense to be though they haven’t worked cc @dkayiwa @ibacher @mseaton @mozzy,

@sharif , the form_text field for the Concept table is incompatible with some OpenMRS versions , in this case the OpenMRS version against which your running the tests.

simply remove it out from concepts.

  • Also ensure you remove all the numeric concepts from the Reference_Application_Concepts-26.xml package and import them separately here changing the allow_decimal field to precise in case the OpenMRS version is before 2.2
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Thanks @mozzy, i was thinking of first resolving that nosuchcolumnException error then i continue with removing all numeric concepts presumably in another PR