Normal range alerts at the time of data entry

Application Name: Reference Application Version Number: 2.90

Question: Has anyone implemented the ability to capture a lab result on an HTML form and store a High or Low flag on the result if the value entered is not within the normal range set up on the concept? The high or low flag must be seen in the recent result widget. Ideally there should be a warning at the time of data entry if the value is high or low. Similar to what happens currently when you enter a value that is not with in the absolute high and low range?

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Do you want to store the High or Low flag simply for displaying it on the recent result widget?

Ideally yes so that the alerts can assist clinicians when interpreting the results. A second use case would be to alert the user on result entry that the results are abnormal.

Have you ever seen this module?

Thank-you for your assistance, this is very helpful.