Nominate October's Volunteer of the Month!

We’re opening the floor for you to nominate who you think should be October’s Volunteer of the Month! Below you’ll find a link to a Google For that you can fill out and explain why you are nominating that individual.

Please consider how this nominee had been a benefit to the community as evidenced by:

  • Ongoing consistent contribution throughout the year
  • Response to a specific identified need
  • Leading an initiative/ development cycle
  • Other submitted description
  • Contribution is beyond the normal expectations of a community member

Think hard people! There are so many amazing volunteers (yes, you; tap-tapping away at your computer) and the competition is sure to be fierce!

Please make your submissions before the end of this month, preferably before the 15th if you can!

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Shouldn’t the volunteer for the month be at the end of the month - in this case shouldn’t the call be for September Volunteer of the month?

  • A: Which of our many great volunteers should we recognize this month for the great work they’re doing (not just this month).

  • B: Which volunteer did something worthy of recognition this month.

For A, you want to get as many votes as you can early in the month to make a decision so you can announce it this month (the earlier in the month, the better). For B, you need to wait until the end of the month (or early the following month) to make a determination.

I believe “Volunteer of the Month” is meant to be more of an A than a B.

@burke Then shouldn’t we have volunteer of the month, quarter and year - as well as other random awards maybe of spring, summer, fall to keep it exciting …

I am sure that a random number generator or a dice roll can help keep the awards fluid

Good explanation @burke. I agree, I think that it is supposed to be more A. That said, however someone gets nominated is fine. If you want to nominate someone because they did something worthy this month, then that’s great! The nomination form gives you the space to tell why you think they should be nominated. :slight_smile:

We want to highlight individual members of our community based on exemplary efforts and contributions toward the mission of OpenMRS. This isn’t based on a specific timeframe, but more on actions and efforts and each month we will be highlighting specific individuals based on that criteria.

Even if our community nominates someone for their outstanding contribution in March of 2012, they still deserve the chance to be recognized for their efforts which is why we aren’t limiting it to just one certain month.

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I looked at their work overall – have they been working hard? Are they contributing meaningfully to the community, things like that.

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I’m not sure what you mean by that, sorry. Are you speaking about specific individuals and their work?

I mean did the person go above and beyond the call of duty? That kind of thing.

Oh, I see. Thanks!!!

All contributions matter but some are above and beyond.