No user interface module is installed

Please i need help on how to deploy this solution on my site.

I currently run where we render help to the less priviledge in term of robust health need, skill acquisition etc.

i have successfully deployed the platform on but i don’t know how to go forward from here.

Your help would be of great benefit to me and the organisation.

Best Regards

Hi there, welcome to OpenMRS! You are cureently running the OpenMRS platform, which contains the core functionalities of OpenMRS, with no UI modules installed. I’d recommend you set up our Reference Application instead, it is the full EMR system. You can download it at . Good luck.

Thanks @f4ww4z. I have downloaded it. how do i set it up. I will appreciate your help on this

hello @f4ww4z, i will be glad if you can help me out.

Did you get a chance to look at this?

@dkayiwa yes i did, but the document did not detailed how i will install it on cpanel.

@jodumosu Since you have downloaded the modules already, unzip the zipped module package and deploy the folder to your openmrs installation directory and restart your apache-tomcat.

Regards Gibril

Thanks Gibril, Where is the openmrs installation directory on cpanel. I already have tomcat installed.

thank for your anticipated response

Best Regards

John Odumosu

What version of openmrs are you currently installing and also what operating system are you running?

hello @jodumosu try out this on how to install standalone and use the latest version

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