Newcomer looking for a non code way to contribute

Application Name: OpenMRS: Version Number: 2.3

Question: Hello everyone, I am a newcomer to OpenMRS and was wondering what the best non-coding way to integrate myself into contributing to the project would be. I have been looking into translation and I was wondering if there are any prerequisites to contributing a translation. Thanks, C.W.


Hey Christian,

I’d also be interested in hearing about this! Welcome to the project! :smiley:

Welcome Christian to the community.

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Non code ways of participating include: 1- Documentation 2. Testing 3. Quality Assurance 4. Outreaches 5. Donations Which one would you like to participate in?


Hey Lois, its nice to meet you. I would be most interested in documentation and outreaches. I understand what documentation would entail, but I am wondering what it would mean to contribute through Outreaches.

@cwaldro5 please follow the link below to immerse yourself into the documentation world of this community.

For clear details about the outreaches, members will talk you through the process. Such members include: @jwnasambu, @ssmusoke @k.joseph @dkayiwa

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Thanks Lois :grinning:

We have some documentation here on how to contribute translations. Our Transifex list can be found here.

Another key place to contribute to translations would be through our Concept Dictionary. The community’s main concept dictionary is maintained by CIEL. You can reach out to @akanter if you have knowledge of medical terminology in a non-English language, since I know there is a real need there.

Other areas to contribute include the Documentation Team (who have a meeting tomorrow at 1 PM UTC). There’s also a website revitalization committee, if your interested in helping improve our landing site.

@jennifer, our Director of Community may be able to point you to some additional ways to contribute.

In any case, welcome to the OpenMRS community! We look forward to your contributions!