New to openMRS, Need help.

Hello guys, Sainath this side. I am a sophomore at IIT Roorkee. I currently am exploring various fields available and opensource is surely a good field to try my hands out. On my way to Gsoc, I came across OpenMRS. The work of it did interest me. May I know if the slack channels are active ? Also I have done quite good amount of work on back-end engineering. I am good at web development. Done a couple of projects in the same field but I am little confused about the structure of OpenMRS. Need help :’). Glad to receive inputs (if any) for me, as a beginner at your code-base, and thanks to any welcome ! Cheers !

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@sainath57 as a developer you may choose either back-end development contribution or our Frontend 3.X development. Use these links will direct you on what to do. Get Started as a Developer - Documentation - OpenMRS Wiki and OpenMRS 3.0: A Frontend Framework that enables collaboration and better User Experience - Projects - OpenMRS Wiki

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Thanks for your quick reply ! Will surely go through the resources suggested.


Welcome, @sainath57!

I also suggest our Guide for the New & Curious - it will give you an overview of our community, how we work, and links to the teams or squads who are actively working on projects.

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