New to openmrs help needed for installation

Hello, I am mukesh , oncologist from India . I want to download the openmrs software but I am unable to do so. Could anybody help in this regards. Step by step process to install . I tried as per the website information. But I cannot install it. I also have few doubts

  1. Where will the patient data be stored, is it cloud based or stored in the hard drive.
  2. If I use more than one computer do I need to install the complete software in each one .
  3. What about the data security, can anybody else get access to the data. Thanks for your help


can you add the link to the error log which you have been getting? by pasting it on

It can be either of one. while installing you can provide a connection to either of one.

Better would be to deploy on a server and use it through the browser on all computers.

your welcome @mukeshsd to openmrs .

hope this can help

Hi @mukeshsd

Are you trying to install openmrs in a server machine or a in you’re personal laptop :slightly_smiling_face:

Hello here,did you get this working using the suggested link above if not kindly get here and we help you!