New to OpenMRS Calendar?, Don't do what I did.

Hi everyone. I recently had had to add an event on the OpenMRS Calendar for our sprint demo. I had not done it before but I got a clue when i saw the wiki page here and managed to add the event.

To do that, I had been given access to the OpenMRS Calendar and I had also subscribed to the same calendar using This left a number of new events on my calendar which was now looking quite crowded. I thought I would remove some events, not knowing they would also be removed from the OpenMRS Calendar. I had not noticed the damage till @dkayiwa brought it up after a demo call.

I would like to apologize for my mistake and any confusion I caused. Apologies to @burke and thanks for noticing and putting back the events.

I have learned from the error and to help anyone who may find themselves in a similar position I have written a wiki page on how to avoid making the same mistake i made. I hope it can help someone .



No worries, @jxn. We’ve all made mistakes worse than messing up a calendar. No harm. Thanks for helping the next person learn from your experience.


-Burke :burke:

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@jxn this is awesome! :smile: Please keep up the spirit of helping others.

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Nice of you to share @jxn Good one

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