New ideas for the community. Take part in survey.

Hey, I think that the new year is a great time to start new things. Also, it’s a great time to get to better know your opinion, hopes and doubts about topics and content published in OpenMRS. Are they interesting for you? What would you like to see here in the future? I want to help girls (and boys of course) who are taking care of the community and bring new energy to it. I hope that #girlzenergy helps me @jennifer, @irenyak1, @jwnasambu To do it I need your voices. So do you help me?

The survey is open, everyone can take part in it and I’m really want to share it with all of you guys so if you have groups, chats etc where you can publish it please do it. Because if more people answer these questions I will be able to create better and more interesting content for you. (In the survey I ask only about OpenMRS and what can I do to make it better and more interesting for you).

I create a survey in Google (it’s completely anonymous) if you would like to answer for several questions I will be very thankful. Link: Also, I will be glad if you share with me your opinions about it.

Thanks @zuzanna for this initiative, sounds a great idea I am already excited about it. Just a small question about this, how do you want to help us, I mean in which way, please help me clarify. There’s a group I created for women and of course males :slight_smile: that I would want to share this post with. I am thinking they will be interested like I am.

On small note I missed you at the implementers’ conference in Mozambique, I had high hopes of meeting you there. :smiley:

Hi :slight_smile:

I became highly interested after watching your post. I wanna see OpenMRS growing more. Specifically, We wanna see two new updates, a new layout of the reference app and android client, and the second thing is that OpenMRS needs more new productive features in the software and i think that I’ll help a lot. :grinning:

Thank you. :slight_smile:

hahah I know, but I can’t be there. I hope that I will be able to go to the next Conference.

You can share this survey as you want, so feel free to publish it there also :slight_smile:

Thanks! Could you please fill up the form so I will be able to gather data?


I filled the form…!

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took the survey

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Filled it out!

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Thank you! :star_struck: @ishaanndas @devanshk09 @ajeymuthiah

Done :grin:

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filled also :neutral_face:

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Done :slightly_smiling_face:

A really nice approach. Love the way how active this community is.

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