New home for the OpenMRS Guide and Developer Manual

I’d like to share more examples of the great work by our Google Code-In students…

Our OpenMRS Guide and Developer Manual books have a new home. Both have been migrated into GitBook format and are now hosted on GitHub!

OpenMRS Guide at OpenMRS Guide

Developer Manual at Introduction

Some of the advantages of GitBooks on GitHub:

  • Prettier online version
  • Awesome search feature
  • Changes can be made online or using the GitBook Editor
  • Anyone can submit changes/updates via GitHub (e.g., via pull requests)
  • The GitBook gets rebuilt any time changes are committed to the GitHub repository
  • Supports translations*

Both of these books could use some fresh updates. Take a look. When you find parts of the books that deserve updating, please fork the repository and submit your pull request(s)… or organize a local or online doc-a-thon to work together to make improvements. If you need help navigating how to contribute, let us know on Telegram or IRC and we’ll work with you to improve our instructions (here and here). Together we can bring new life into these valuable resources for the community.

Thank you OpenMRS GCI students!

On behalf of the community, I’d like to thank all of our GCI students for their great work! Our migrated books are only one example of the contributions coming out of GCI. Keep up the great work!

*I’m hoping we can make a pass at improving/updating these books in English and then we can begin translating them.


This is great work!!! :slight_smile:

@burke we used to have some IRC tips under getting support. I tried to look for it in the migrated guide but could not find it. Did you intentionally remove it?


Awesomeness just

This is very nice great work guys :smile:

Hello @burke, I’ll like to begin translations to French if that’s OK :sunny:

The tips are still there – under Dev Manual > Get Support – and easy to find by searching for IRC. Maybe you were looking in the guide instead of the Dev Manual.

Translations are welcome, though I think it might be worth first updating what we have in English, so you don’t end up translating outdated information or text that is rapidly changing. I was hoping we could, for example, update the guide with new screenshots from the current reference application and latest versions of modules and update the dev manual with more recent info about SDK, platform vs refapp, info about distros, etc.


BTW, if you look closely, images (in assets folder) are currently duplicated at root and under the /en folder. Absolute references are turned into relative urls when the book is built, so I couldn’t get references to /assets to work properly. I posed the question on the GitBook Community Slack channel, but didn’t get an answer. Ideally, we could share many of the assets across translations and only use localized assets when needed.

Not sure if I’m hijacking this thread or not, but should I take this guide down?

I would leave it. The manuals have been migrated, but not really updated yet. If you can edit the description and point people to for latest version, that’d be fine. But, no reason to take away a print option at this time.

I think I’ve effectively eliminated any excuse for us not to keep our Implementer Guide ( and Developer Manual ( updated. :slight_smile:

Making changes to our GitBooks is down to 2 clicks: