New guidelines for module releases

Thanks @darius for looking into that! I lost it from my radar.

After looking at the bintray API docs I realize that we’re supposed to be using the url so I can actually remove the hack and get things working…

Friendly reminder, 31st Dec is next Sunday :smiley:

Anything that I need to do?

Yes! I’ve just rerun the sync script for any remaining module versions, which were not synced to Bintray. Please setup 301 redirect from to

Done :slight_smile:

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Just tested it and works, but complains about an SSL certificate…

That’s very interesting.

I didn’t realise the redirect service in our DNS doesn’t support HTTPS at all.

I changed terraform and ansible to use nginx instead, so it should be now working.


Now would be a good time for someone else to test out, from the OpenMRS legacy UI:

  1. Adding a module from the module repo
  2. Upgrading a module to the latest version

I have just successfully done those two actions a few minutes ago.

Awesome! In 2017 I’m grateful for many things, including that I won’t have to debug this in the next couple days. :slight_smile:

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