New Edit / View Feature Adminui - RA-988

Concerning the examples given here

The new features to be introduced do they have to reside in the edit.gsp ,list.gsp respectively or we needs be introduce another .gsp template ?

@darius @dkayiwa

also if i may inquire why is it that the uicommons module not having a Developers’ use Documentation ?tried to google but in vain

Did you find @wyclif’s review comments helpful?

@dkayiwa A little,but he was too brief,i needed a general i actually got small bits.

@tendomart did you take a look at the documentation pages I linked to?

@wyclif yes i have gone through them.but let me re-visit them so that i can better understand how to go about this,one other draw back i found was , 1:there is no conclusive list of components of the uiframework and how to use each component.(The documentation simply shows a few snippets of how to do what) 2.Wether to add the features on the existing edit.gsp template or introduce a new template altogether

Thankx alot

@dkayiwa the new page looks like this

@wyclif i have gone through them only that i was wondering if i could use a Java controller to directly handle the form submission instead of using angular controller / REST api

I just added the last two features i.e “Edit Privilege” and “View Privilege”

The latest commit for review is WIP- RA-988:Added a few features to Adminui for Review · tendomart/openmrs-module-adminui@6dd9f6d · GitHub

@tendomart did you issue for a PR for it?

@wyclif Not yet,it is still WIP, the front end is not yet in sync with the controller.That is blocking me currently

OK, thanks!

@wyclif That is why i tagged you there for help.

I’m not getting exactly what you need help with, what is the blocker you’re are running into to get the UI and controller in sync?

@wyclif I need to automatically fetch the privileges list from the openmrs-module-adminui/omod/src/main/java/org/openmrs/module/adminui/page/controller/metadata/privileges/ get() method so that i can populate the Edit privilege / View Privilege dropdown boxes above.

This however failed when i used the ${privileges} place holder giving this Error

Details can be got here

Privileges can be very many to populate in a drop down for a good user experience, I suggest you just use a text input.

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@wyclif Thanks alot for that info. So that leaves the trouble solely to the user,if am not mistaken.

Which trouble? Just like in the legacy UI, all the user has to do is to paste/type in the privilege name, they can get the name from the manage privileges page, I don’t think it’s a big deal given that this is not something one has to do regularly, possibly only once.

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Personally I would just use a drop-down for this.

@wyclif legacyui uses a dropdown take a look at this http://localhost:8080/openmrs/admin/encounters/encounterType.form?encounterTypeId=1

@darius any deeper insight into that ?