New CI available for testing

Hi everyone, New instance of bamboo is available for testing at

I moved one of our agents to the new server, and I ran a release build:

How long do you expect the bamboo outage to be when migrating the servers?

@cintia we didinot have enough space on the production server to make a copy so i had to move the files unzipped (37 GB) which took me around 6 hours. Importing the DB took 40 minutes. Running the upgrade took another 30 minutes. does not work for me in Chrome nor Firefox. Chrome is reporting ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED. The ping goes through just fine.

I was recreating the whole thing, sorry.

As the data volume needed to be increased and Sparsha had to do manual changes to get it working outside it, I decided to reprovision the whole thing to be sure.

I really don’t want to repeat the same mistakes we did with confluence.

@sparshadotel, please copy the bamboo home and database again. I’d expect no other manual changes to be necessary.

@sparshadotel I assume that everything went OK and ci-new can be tested again :slight_smile:

@cintia moving the home directory took a while. but otherwise it was way quicker than confluence. we should expect an outage of 2 hours or less during migration.