New Bahmni Notifications UI Module


I’m working on finding a suitable UI development approach in Bahmni. Basically I’ve to create a GUI which allows the users to make subscriptions on certain events (events related to patients). I’ve considered 2 approaches.

  1. Writing a new UI module
  2. Adding to the existing Bahmni front-end repository

Appreciate any suggestion on the $subject.

Do you mean an OWA?

Not really, its means add some UI features to the existing UI. this feature should support create new subscriptions.

Whether your code lands in Bahmni Apps or not, we will encourage that to componentize it. Whatever you bring should be as close as possible to reusable components.

In Angular (since that’s what Bahmni Apps is written in) this would mean a reusable directive supported by - yet again - a reusable Angular service layer.

Another possibility that is always available in Bahmni Apps is to ensure that whatever you bring in can be toggled on/off through the Bahmni Config. So not only it comes up as reusable components from the developer’s standpoint, but it can be enabled/disabled from the user standpoint.

Does that make sense?

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Yes it is. Thanks for th clarification :slightly_smiling_face: