New Andela Apprentices - April 2018

Hello everyone, 3 new Andela apprentices will be joining the OpenMRS community. We include the following: Hadijah Kyampeire - Hadijahk(IRC) Shakira Ndagire - shakira(IRC) Christopher Kalule - christopher_kala(IRC) We are excited to join the OpenMRS community and looking forward to contributing to the project.

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Welcome to the OpenMRS community!!

Lets write code to save lives

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Welcome to the OpenMRS community. glad to have you onboard.

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@shakira210791 welcome.

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Two females and one male? What a unique combination! Very good for our diversity.

Welcome @shakira210791 @hadijah315 and @christopherkala :man_dancing:


Welcome to the OpenMRS community! We’re thrilled to have you.

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Ha ha interesting.

i love it!! thanks for joining our community and offering your contributions.

we are committed to diversity as a community; see this wiki page for details and to feel welcome!