Network Error when deleting an OWA

When deleting an OWA we send a request to which redirects to which is a http url that causes the network error. How can we change the redirect URL protocol from http to https

cc @dkayiwa, @reubenv, @suthagar23, @ebuka

Error screenshot:

Did you fix the endpoint URL as “http://{URL}”? you need to get the actual base URL from here and want to add the relative URL.

Can I get the codebase of this block which is calling this backend?

@suthagar23, in the front end the request is sent to: which then is redirected to a http url which causes the error.

To reproduce the error, on the refapp in the Add-onManager go to any OWA, click view, then delete the OWA

The React code that makes the request is here:

The request from the React app