need to hide birth time field when selecting the patient identifier

hello people ! Is there a method where we can hide a field in the registration form when we select a value from the drop down list (Patient Identifier Prefix) of patient identifier?

For example, we need to register a particular type of patient where we need to hide their birth time

These reflect the “patient identifier sources” defined for a “patient identifier type”.

  1. You can remove the existing patient identifier sources like GAN, BAH … etc and add your own identifier source (as well as different identifier type).

select * from idgen_identifier_source;

  1. Alternatively, you can also selectively retire the ones that you don’t need, if you prefer to keep and use the Bahmni “Patient identifier type”. example:

update idgen_identifier_source set retired = false where name = “SIV”;

You can read more about them here :