Need help with these failing tests

Am currently working on Refactoring Daemon.executeScheduledTask(Task) to Daemon.executeScheduledTask(Integer id) and here is my Pull Request.

Although for those failing Travis CI tests I have tried to add .getTaskDefinition().getId() so as to have them pass, i seem to get a compilation error as in this pastebin log and failed to get a solution yet.

Any help with this @dkayiwa @mozzy @herbert24 @ruhanga

@odorajonathan, you possibly want to take advantage of method overloading to solve the ticket and further issues you are running into at the moment. Something like,

public static void  executeScheduledTask(Integer id) {
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Thanks @ruhanga for that will look through that link too

Hey @ruhanga adding Daemon.executeScheduledTask(Task); in the method executeScheduledTask causes this compilation failure stating \Users\Admin\core\api\src\main\java\org\openmrs\api\context\[234,30] error: cannot find symbolpastebin log

I just pasted the piece of error on google search and landed on the below among many more which may be helpful.