Need help to start contributing

Hi everyone , I am new to this community so I want to start contributing. Since there are lots of projects and issues so I am unable to find out and filter the issues . Can anyone tell me how to filter the projects and issues according to my tech statcks so that I can look for details and fix that issues?

Hi, welcome to the community! If you haven’t already, please visit this link to get started. You can view and work on issues for OpenMRS through the JIRA issue tracking system here. Filter the issues by clicking issues -> manage filters. Make sure to ask an admin to request access for your account.

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Hi @rupeshiya

We had tickets for all projects which are active in OpenMRS. So simply go through the GitHub code repository of each modules, and get an understanding about that project. If you fit with any of those modules, then pick tickets from JIRA for your work.

Actually, Projects will not depend in only one programming language or frameworks. As a developers, we should fit with development concepts and could able to apply those in any languages which are available today. So better approach would be explore and learn those (No need to be a genius, just fundamentals enough) dependent languages as much as you can :smile:

No worries, We don’t expect any huge knowledge for GSoC. But you should be fit with development concepts and passion to learn !!

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thanks @suthagar23 and @wzcoding ,I got the answer .

@suthagar23 Can you tell me where development process discussion is going on .I am felling little bit messed up since there are lots of topics of discussion .

Discussions related to Development takes place here:

You can choose tags to filter out discussions of your interests.

You can browse, search and create the topics of your concern under the Development category in Talk.

thanks @satvikshri for your input :slight_smile:

Hey I also need some help to start contributing

I want to know that should we install the openmrs reference application in our machine in order to begin as a module developer or core developer and to contribute?

Hey @jayamal… You need to install and setup the reference application in order to see whether your module or the changes you made work.