Need help installing OpenMRS on a mac (mySQL error)

I have been trying to install OpenMRS onto my computer for a couple of days, and I have followed the steps on the wiki page ( Here is what I have installed (successfully):

Java: version 1.8.0_111 MySQL: version 5.7.16 Maven: version 3.3.9 (Eclipse: Neon)

I got to the OpenMRS installation wizard (http://localhost:8080/openmrs/initialsetup), and I put in the root password I had been given by mySQL. Then, when it went to create a db on my computer and install OpenMRS, it immediately crashed and gave the error message in the attached screenshot. I tried changing my root password for mySQL, but it still didn’t work.

Has this happened to anyone else or does anyone know how to fix it? Thanks, Jack

Can you post your opernmrs server logs?

Your tomcat server logs. Sorry was using Bahmni terminology. As the Bahmni installation a bit different, the log file location is different in Bahmni to when OpenMRS is installed on Tomcat.

oh I didn’t install Tomcat because I didn’t think it was necessary…should I install it or is there a way without it?

Looks like the mysql password inputted by you is incorrect. Can you recheck the password and retry?

When I installed mysql they gave me a temporary root password, so I have been inputting that. How do you change the root password?

where can I find the name of my current database?

I finally got it! I just never created a database, so I had to use the mySQL client to create one and change my root password.

Thanks so much for all of your help!

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Can you please give steps of how you resolved this issue?