Need help getting reference application to appear with updated UI look and feel

Hello and thanks in advance!

Looking to setup the reference application.

I started with the openmrs-core git repository but realized quickly that I had to install modules as well, and it appears that a lot of hard work has been done by the community on the reference application in making sure module dependencies are fulfilled and work appropriately.

I switched to openmrs-distro-referenceapplication and built using maven. I have both JDK 1.7 and 1.8 installed on my machine and can use either.

I have the application up and running but it has the older UI? I was hoping to have the one shown at (see screenshot/all data is test or de-identified)

What is showing is the one pictured below:

Do I need to checkout another branch?

Thanks again. I would very much appreciate any help I can get!

Chris Manning

If you just want to test the reference application, you can download the standalone from here

Thanks, but it is essential that I’m able to “hack” the pages (whether JSP or some other framework). If through midnight commander or building them myself, this is a requirement for my use case.

I have to be able to show I can integrate with our PHM system (although very minimally) at the patient level (essentially show SSO capabilities from OpenEMR patient chart => our patient chart)

The instructions are complicated, but you have to copy the modules, *.omod, files, built by the distro-referenceapplication, and place in the modules folder of your running OpenMRS instance.

I think I’ve already done that.

I pretty much checked out v2.4 of the distro reference application, deployed the openmrs-1.11.16.war that is packaged by maven in


and then run the OpenMRS installation (initial setup)

followed by placing the modules built from the distro into my OpenMRS modules config folder

sudo cp /Users/chrismanning/Projects/openmrs-distro-referenceapplication/package/target/distro/*.omod ~/.OpenMRS/modules/

then restart tomcat via ./ stop ./ start

For some reason (I changed nothing), the app started displaying in the newer look and feel?? I’m so confused now.

Could it have been some sort of browser caching?

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Why did you use sudo? This is your home directory…

Anythings possible, but generally I have that disabled through Developer Tools on Google Chrome on my work laptop since I do a lot of front-end UI work. Thanks for the reply.

Is using sudo not good?