Need help Bahmni customization

Hi all, I’m try to customize the bahmni system as well as data migration in our Clinic. I has deploy the bahmni v0.91 system on a centos 6.9 server following this link Actually, we are using an old EMR system and then we want to implement a system which can help us manage our clinic activities as well as pharmacy, radiology, laboratory, inventory, Billing and accounting management. Can some one help us in this project? We need some who has already implement the system and can help us in form creation and customization as well as data migration. Thank you,

Hello @asaidi ! Glad to see your post. It was a pleasure to meet you at OMRS18 in Nairobi.

The work at Village Health Works in rural Burundi is very exciting – especially the new Maternal Hospital. This video provides an excellent overview:

Have you decided to use Bahmni or are you still considering the RefApp? I hope you find good response from the OpenMRS community.

Hello @asaidi, the given below documentation is to update bahmni to the latest version

Hello @asaidi, if you are looking for professional services, then please send a mail via contact link of

If you are looking to self implement, then you can do that too with the community help. Some resources that might help you

  1. Youtube channel for Bahmni Community
  2. Bahmni WIKI
  3. Implementer’s guide on Bahmni WIKI
  4. Specific to your query on Form creation - Part 1 - its one of the 3 videos on Form Creation.

Please search/post on specific topics, which will be helpful for others to pitch in.

Hello Ellen, Nice to talk to you again. Yes we decided to use bahmni instead of RefApp. Last month we visited the site of PIH in Rwinkwavu, and we met Todd and his team. We chose Bahmni because of its many features that our future hospital will probably need.

Thank you very much angshuonline We are looking for self implement, and hope this could much help. Thanks,