Navotas City Hospital @ Manila, Philippines officially launches Bahmni


Congratulations! Farvey,

Can you please share the details of this implementation? We would like to add this to Bahmni website.


Pankaj Kanchankar


Special mention first and foremost goes to the creators of Bahmni and to the whole community. Its been almost a year and a half in the making on our part and a collaborative effort from the Navotas City Government c/o Hon. Mayor John Rey Tiangco, Navotas City Hospital c/o Dra. Christia S. Padolina, management and staff ( Admin, Nurses and Medical ), friends from AeHIN c/o Dr. Alvin Marcelo, Mr. Joe Gene Quesada of I.O.S.S. and most especially to Navotas City Hospital IT Team. Thanks also to Mr. Karl Brown of Thoughtworks for the visit.



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This is awesome Farvey! Congratulations to you and everyone involved. It will be great if you can share some sort of experience report of having implemented Bahmni in your context.

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Hi @pkanchankar @angshuonline,

For sure most of those involved had their respective great contributions but in my context, when the hospital started its operation last June 2015, I was there already working with a team who initially implemented an EMR called GNU Health but since most of the users find it a bit technical, the hospital management opted to adopt Bahmni in January 2017. Since 2015, I am in charge as an Information System Analyst, System Administrator, Network Administrator, Technical Support and overall in charge of the IT team till May 2018. Though I am re-assigned on a new assignment but will still be part backstage as per paperless implementation of the hospital. Most of the challenges was the need to have a Techie-Champion Doctor that will focus “full-time” on the medical part on the EMR implementation as well as the need to have patience on requesting and processing of IT equipments. Collaboration among Admin, Nurses and Doctors to form a complete EMR cycle was also a challenge.

Many thanks,


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