mysql connector/j

Mysql connector/j:

Question: I have been trying to set up my computer for software development environment, What i have already installed is the JDK, Eclipse, Mysql but this has been asking me to set it’s (root and a password) which i have failed to set during it’s installation(after restarting of the computer, it has not come back, so i don’t know whether it has gone to it’s default set if it has it and was built to do so, if not so then i need to be helped how to set the root plus a password for the server it is asking for), Then i have continued to download and install the Mysql connector/j , the version is shown above, but after extracting it in it’s new folder, i have got it again as if i have not extracted it plus some other files. So i need help of the next step for good installation of the mysql generally. Thanks.

This looks like a case where you installed MySQL before and set a root password which you forgot. Start by completely uninstalling MySQL, and then delete the MySQL folder under Program Files.

Thank you so much let me try it now

as i have been trying to see how i can minimize my internet data usage, i have thought of resetting mysql’s root and password to save data, but after researching and fail, i have decided to go with what you had told me, uninstall and delete it’s folder in the program files, But i have found on list so many components of mysql, and failed to select what to uninstall. On list i have seen like 13 components; i.e Mysql connector C++ 8.0 , connector j, connector Net 8.0.19, connector/ODBC 8.0, Documents 8.0, Examples and samples 8.0, For Excel 1.3.0, Installer-community, Notifier 1.1.8, Router 8.0, Server 8.0, Shell 8.0. 19, Workbench 8.0 CE Now which one should i uninstall or i have to remove all of them? Because i thought it may affect some IDE’s already installed on the PC.

And when crosschecking to see what i have to uninstall, it came to my notice that i shouldn’t install Mysql Connector J, because on the list it was already there installed. Could this notice be right?