My Very First Blog as a Community Member (GSoC 2020)

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Hi everyone. This is the very first blog among the many blogs that I’ll be writing through out the summer. Please, have a look at it whenever you guys get time. I am open to all of your reviews :smiley:

Looking forward to have a wonderful summer ahead with everyone.


This is great! you are welcome to our weekly calls too.

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Hey @aman! First of all, the blog is great!

Maybe we could use this thread for posting all student blogs for GSoC’20? This way, all our blogs would be at one place (like there were threads for GSoC: Student Blogs in the previous years).

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That is a bright idea. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hey there! Here is the link to my first blog as a member of the OpenMRS community (yeah, I like bragging about being a member of this community :innocent:). Do give it a read! Looking forward to an excellent summer!


Amazing blog @aman and @iamsr :star_struck: :star_struck:

My blog isn’t as good but yes I have tried to write one. Here is the link to it.

I would also suggest to change the title of this thread to something which says GSoC’20 so that its searchable.


Wow! this sounds good. The is a first time of everything next time I believe your blog will be at least 2minutes.

That sounds good! Are you on scrum list?

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No, I guess I’m not.

@iamsr and @sidvaish97 everyday at 5:30 EAT apart from the weekends we have scrum meetings where we give updates of what we have done during the day. For more details, follow this link


Thanks @jwnasambu! Will be attending the scrums from now on! :slight_smile:

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Great Work @iamsr and @sidvaish97 :clap:

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Great work @aman @iamsr @sidvaish97 on your blogs.

Here is my first blog as a GSoC’20 student .

And yeah it is a good idea to change this thread to GSoC 2020 Blogs as @sidvaish97 suggested.


Here is my first Blog Post. I focussed my blog more on how to get started with open source and GSoC and a bit on my journey to OpenMRS…