my first module

Hullo members. am new on the platform and now working on my first module. but encountered an error at pushing level. kinldly help me.

Well! you are getting this error because you had not made any commits, not even an initial commit and still you are trying to push. To solve this, run git commit -m "your msg" . Besides that, follow this link to create your first module.

thank you. but am getting another error at mvn clean installation. do i need to from the build successfully level? thank once again

Kindly share the entire error log using pastebin.

This is what am getting from the error logs Module id must consists of lowercase letters, must start from a letter, can contain alphanumerics and dots, e.g.,metadatasharing, reporting, htmlformentry Please specify module id (default: ‘basicexample’): HulloWorld it should be hulloworld instead

Please specify groupId (default: ‘org.openmrs.module’): sam should be org.openmrs.module and not sam so just press enter instead

Please specify initial version (default: ‘1.0.0-SNAPSHOT’): Just press enter

But is " mvn clean `install" part of the creation? because its bring an error

Am still experiencing the same error at github.

You are right! the error you are getting is after running mvn clean install The trick of fixing such errors is by reading the error logs. Kindly we are going to fix this error together. Navigate to the pastebin and read through every error line then share your findings.

thank you @jwnasambu. i finally built my first module after critically following the link you gave me in the first commend above.