My First issue TRUNK-5387

good evening every one! I have managed to claim an issue and i have imported its code into eclipse IDE. i thought i had understood what to do on the ticket. But i am now confused.
here is a link to the ticket TRUNK-5387. How can i know more about the ticket because the description is not satisfactory. But i really want to close the ticket. Help me :roll_eyes::roll_eyes:

The description has the expected changes. Reading through the comments will help you to figure out the additional information required to solve the issue. Just in case you have given up on the ticket, you can “unassign” yourself from it.

ok thanks for the help. I understand what i must do but the problem is that the files i am to work with are .vm files. But i have no information of working with .vm files. So i think i should unclaim it. i only know java programming language.

Those .vm files are Apache Velocity templates. You can read up on Velocity on its home page.


As a developer you should keep your mind open to learning new concepts…you won’t be writing only Java code and even if you are you will need a basic understanding of how other concepts interact with your Java software…the start can be tough but continue researching and learn… Kind regards

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thank you @reagan

thank you @ibacher I really want to become a great developer but the information is scarce for OpenMRS and Tickets. The little found has some technical vocabulary i cant understand. Do you guys have any other source of more information which i can use in order to close at-least one ticket?

@jnsereko , you have been repeating this cote in several talk thread but my brother all the information you need is available, you need to learn the basics of getting all the information whatever you need , just use @reagan @ibacher advise the sky is your limit trust me, Use the openmrs talk to post any question, you have a big audience willing to help

thanks @sharif, seams I just need a way of interpreting the information present.

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Sure thats right