mvn clean install build failure

I have been hustling full day with mvn build failure. Full log is @dkayiwa, Kindly advise.

@gracebish , Looking at the logs you pasted ,

The build was succesful before you made any local changes. i would say its failing because of your local changes.

can you give details of what you were trying to do and attach the PR youre working on ??

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Thanks @mozzy , I am sorted. I figured it out.

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@gracebish you can share what helped here in order to help others

The mvn clean install build passed but the Travis build for Java 11 Failed. I am still seeking to rectify the issue then share the steps.

drop here the pr!


i see you pinged @dkayiwa and i know he will fix it from his side,you are good to pick on another ticket as you wait for dkayiwa’s fix

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That is a flaky test that randomly fails. I have just rerun the travis build.


Thanks @dkayiwa