Muzima core omod?

(Mark Goodrich) #1

We are excited to try out Muzima after seeing a demo at OMRS18. Is there a location where we can download the Muzima core omod (I don’t see it in or do we need to build it from source?

Thanks! Mark

(Naveed khan) #2

Will you please explain what the module does,So I can give it a try as well.

(William Zhang) #3

Does this link help? It includes the information about the modules needed for Muzima and has links where you can access them.

(Nurudeen Lawal) #4

Can’t somebody pls just compile the module and upload for everyone to use? Why all the hassle of cloning and the rest? Some of us work in resource constrained environments and internet is very bad. Some of us don’t know how to build the modules as we are new. I am really getting disappointed with openmrs and thinking of openclinic. Its months now I have setup over 10 computers and gotten barcode readers and fingerprint readers but I can’t get openmrs functionality for their use. Came across a good module which could offer both function but cannot install on openmrs 2.1.3(setback for openmrs) as it was for 1.7. Now went to level of attempting to install openmrs1.7(on windows 10) but it won’t install properly. I am really tired of this openmrs. Good project initiative but the downside is too bad. There are a lot of other modules which can’t work now. Must we all be developers to enjoy the use of openmrs?

(Mark Goodrich) #5

@wzcoding following that link I was able to get to the source code, but then I ended up having to build from source… which is fine, I just wondered if there was an official omod deployed somewhere…