Multiple patients receiving similar treatment in a group

I run a exercise class for a local charity and would like to set up openMRS to record patient notes. There can be up to 10 patients in a group.

The majority would do similar exercises although we do individualise when needed and this needs to be recorded.

Is there a way openMRS can speed up the recording process without me having to open individual patients records and copy the exercise outline then modify to that patient.

The ideal would be:

  • select location, date and time of class
  • I can select the patients who attended the class
  • I can select the exercises/type the name of the exercises
  • Select the number of repetitions/sets completed

Then populate a table on the one screen. Patients names in each row Exercise name in each column Each cell could be modified to record any variances etc

Then when i save this it will save an individual patient record for each patient


Patient N  | Subjective | Objective | Exercise 1 | Exercise 2 | Analysis | Plan   |
Patient 1  | no pain ww | XXXXXX    | 10 x 3___  | YYYYYYYY   | did well | Contin |
Patient 2  | Pain R GHJ | GHJ stiff | stopped    | YYYYYYYY   | pain GHJ | Ax GHJ |

Hopefully that makes sense to someone. I have tried commercial systems but the licence fee is 3-4000 per annum which is too expensive for our charity.

Any advice would be appreciated is it viable? is there a module already available? if not, how complex is the problem I am trying to solve? What would be the best way to solving it? Is it possible to do by someone new to coding?

Thanks again