Multiple Patient Addresses on an HTML Form

Hi all

I’m working on creating the HTML form equivalent of a paper form that has space for two different addresses for a patient. I can get one address on there using <patient field=“address”/>. Is there any way to get a second address as well? The HTML Form Entry Reference doesn’t seem to indicate that there is a way to do this, and I know this can be done very easily by directly editing the patient in question and adding a second address, but was wondering if there is a way to do this inside an HTML Form.

Thanks! Ali

Hi @ahabib. Nice to hear from you. Hopefully @mogoodrich can answer your question on the right-way to add a second patient address field to an HTML form.

As a work around, you could always add an address concept to your dictionary and stick it on the form like any other field. CIEL already has an address concept. It’s used as part of a set, but I don’t guess it would have to be.

There probably isn’t? We don’t currently use the patient tag and it isn’t well supported, so I suspect what you see is what you get…